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stfyfty f1116 18014766318 грудня на кафедрі германської філології факультету іноземної та слов’янської філології Міжуніверситетська науково-дослідна лабораторія сучасних технологій навчання іноземних мов і культур (керівник доцент Г.І.Подосиннікова) та її структурний підрозділ – Студентська наукова лабораторія «Сучасні технології навчання іноземних мов і культур» організувала та провела «Movie club» для всіх студентів факультету.

On the 8th of December the members of the Student Foreign Language Teaching Laboratory under scientific supervision of Associate Professor H.I. Podosynnikova, the fifth-year students, Kateryna Shcherbinina and Yana Shokolenko, held a movie club based on the film “FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM”. The workshop was focused on both Listening and Sociocultural Competence. Students were engaged in interesting and informative assignments for them to enlarge their vocabulary and to enhance their knowledge in the most common crime and punishment vocabulary that, undoubtedly, contributed to students’ professional advancement and language learning growth.  In addition, the film provided a glimpse of the American justice system and demonstrated how and where various cases are dealt with and how problems are straightened out in the wizarding world.

Students were able to improve their speaking skills, having had a heated discussion over the important issues, displayed in the film, and to present their views on the legal system, its strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, an emphasis on critical thinking was put by giving students some food for thought and asking them tricky, highly probing and off-the-wall questions. Students had a great opportunity to improve their language skills and to spend their time productively and with a relish.  

So, it was both a productive and relaxing activity!

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